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Coventry Pensioners Convention, is affiliated to the West Midlands Pensioners Convention, which is itself affiliated to the National Pensioners Convention – a non party political organisation.Coventry Pensioners Convention is not affiliated to, nor is a member of, or supports any political party and itself is not a political organisation.

Coventry Pensioners Convention is ‘A’ political, meaning that it has no political leaning and will work with any political or other organization, which serves to improve, where necessary, Pensioners Poverty Conditions, Health Welfare, Caring Facilities in the Home and Hospital, Free Travel in England and Social Injustice, Local and Nationwide within the United Kingdom.


We recognise that discrimination exists throughout society, and seek wherever possible (within the scope of our limited resources) to implement policies and practices to ensure that no member is discriminated against on the basis of age, colour, race, culture, sex, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity.

In our work we will seek to reflect the different backgrounds of our members by providing as much choice as possible within our resources. We will try to find opportunities to extend our knowledge and understanding of other cultures and lifestyles, and avoid stereotyping where possible.

We recognise that this statement is not definitive, and we will review it on an annual basis, with particular reference to our work, how we monitor equal opportunities practice, the recruitment and treatment of our members. We will exclude from membership those who do not comply with this statement.


The data is controlled by Coventry Pensioners Convention.The information you provide will only be used to help us improve our services to you and to ensure they are provided in fair and balanced way.Your information will not be shared with any other organization unless you specifically agree to do so.